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DB&A first precisely analyzes an employer’s needs, preferences, and offerings – including the job description and work environment, and the candidate’s personality type and aptitudes. High-quality initial analysis creates a firm foundation that assures an excellent match between company and candidate.

DB&A then does extensive Internet-based research to identify candidates who meet the criteria established during the initial analysis. The results are not out-of-work candidates whose resumes are posted on some job board somewhere, but passive candidates who are currently working, doing what the client-company wants them to do, just doing it for someone else.

Once these high-quality passive candidates are identified, our Associate establishes that they are truly qualified and screens them to determine their level of interest in the employment opportunity. DB&A does all the work so that the client’s staff is never burdened with hundreds of unqualified resumes. Typically, two to three of the most qualified candidates are presented.

Due to the unusual quality of the match, most hires will be productive contributors far faster than someone who must be extensively trained to do the job. Because our Associates are compensated only by contingent fee, their income and success are directly related to the quality of the candidates they provide.


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